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Why are Web Directories Losing Steam?

If you are involved in Web marketing, Web Page Development, or SEO Management, chances are you have posted some links on Web Directories. This is a long standing technique for raising page profiles that dates back to the early days of the Internet, when Google was just starting out and the Search Engines were barely out of their infancy.

But now, while many web sites still post on Directories, their effectiveness is beginning to be called into question and many SEO experts are recommending to limit or even eliminate Web Directories from any Web Marketing Strategies.

What is a Web Directory?

Basically it is a web page that list links to other

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Does Google Hate Web Directories?

In the early days of the Internet, Web Directories were a big thing. Not only did they help to organize and highlight relevant web sites, making up for yet to be overcome weaknesses in the Search Engine algorithms, but they also could be a major boost to SEO ratings.

Yahoo created its own Web Directory service and included the contents in its search report headers. The Yahoo service still exists but now costs money to subscribe.

Google even went so far as to include a recommendation in their web master’s manual to add new sites to at least one major Web Directory to make them more visible.

Since then, however, Google

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How do Web Directories Work?

In the early days of the Internet when search engines were still being developed and results were sometimes spotty, web designers and engineers came up with a way to get a web site noticed even if the search engines at the time failed to find it. Put in on a Web Directory.

directory-bannerWhat is a Web Directory?

A Web Directory is simply a web page listing multiple related sites. Although a Web Directory looks like Search Engine output, and many people have the misimpression that a Web Directory is some kind of search engine, it is really just

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